FIS Conference: Embracing change in the finishes and interiors sector

We have decided to go virtual for our annual conference this year, but rather than ask you to carve out a day, we want to make September a month focussed on understanding the drivers, embracing change and seizing your future in this amazing sector.

There is much talk of transformation in construction, but whilst change is inevitable it is not always easy and seldom happens without inspired energy and leadership or, more commonly, when balance fails and a tipping point is reached.  In 2021 there is an imbalance in construction impacted by concerns uncovered in the Grenfell Inquiry, learnings from the pandemic, shortages, inflation, historic contractual mismanagement, legacy concerns, quality issues, innovation and new socio-economic trends changing the way we interact with buildings and we grapple with a growing awareness of the importance of net zero.

The FIS Annual Conference 2021 was about understanding new opportunities driven by a focus on productivity, risk management, innovation and collaboration through the supply chain.  Throughout the month of September, we dissected the complex and intertwined macro issues and took a practical look at how the resulting behavioural, legislative and commercial drivers will impact our businesses and how we can embrace this unique period in history to evolve our businesses and ultimately transform construction in the finishes and interiors sector.

Every Wednesday in September, we hosted a virtual round table that with three short sharp keynote presentations followed by an open round table discussion with plenty of opportunity for attendees to offer opinion and interact with our expert panels.

1 September - Building Trends


In our first session we looked at some of the social and economic drivers of change, how society is adapting and the impact this will have on what we will be building over the next five years.

8 September - A Path to Net Zero


The CLC Roadmap to Recovery has laid out proposals to secure the future of construction, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.  But what does this mean to projects in our sector.

15 September - People and Skills


With immigration and labour shortages hitting the headlines, we look at where we are at, how our workforce is evolving and how responsible businesses are reacting to the challenge.

22 September - Contracts and Risk


Is the contractual and procurement process now completely at odds with effective risk management, delivering quality in construction and ultimately making us uninsurable.

29 September - Quality and Innovation


We take a peek into the future and look at the technology that is shaping our future.