FIS Conference: Embracing change in the finishes and interiors sector

We have decided to go virtual for our annual conference this year, but rather than ask you to carve out a day, we want to make September a month focussed on understanding the drivers, embracing change and seizing your future in this amazing sector.

Quality and Innovation

Recorded : 29 September

If people genuinely don’t believe construction is innovating they are deluded!  New products and processes are constantly reshaping the art of the possible in terms of building technology and a focus on productivity is bringing new site practices to the fore.  As we better understand the impact of materials and how sound, light and air quality and new technology can create a dynamic link with the building user, the spaces we are creating are becoming ever more advanced

In this session we take a peek into the future and look at the technology that is shaping our future.

  • Digital transformation, the fourth Industrial Revolution is here
  • How offsite and modern methods of construction are shaping the future the Finishes and Interiors Sector
  • How will construction sites have changed by the end of the decade
  • Innovation in the fit-out world – building a modern fit-out business