Business Hub

FIS is committed to supporting members in developing their business and both directly and through our expert network offer helplines, guidance, template resources and toolkits to help you to run your business, set contracts up right and avoid and manage any disputes.

Contractual and Legal

FIS members can access a range of services to support them in managing the complexities of contracting and supplying products into the construction market.

Finance, Taxation and Insurance

FIS has a range of support services and advise designed to help you to manage the red tape and support the development of your business.

Employment & Workforce Management

FIS members can access a range of services to support them in managing people in their workforce.

Business Risk Management Tool


FIS has produced a Business Risk Management Tool to support contractors and help them adopt a structured approach to understanding risk and reducing uncertainty. The tool identifies over 120 common risk areas for contractors against the categories including Business Management, Contractual, Financial, Quality, H&S and Procurement,  providing a mechanism to score and rank risk and advice on mitigation and management.

A risk management matrix ranks risk in term of probability of an event occurring and the severity of the impact should the event occur. It can be used to identify and prioritise activity so that a contractor can then make informed business decisions and improve their resilience.

Market Data

FIS Members have access to bespoke information gathered by the FIS and market leading data from the Construction Products Association and Barbour ABI to help understand trends, forecast performance and support strategic decisions in the sector.

Business Hub Archive

Covid Hub

FIS monitored COVID-19 updates and followed official advice from the Government and Health Authorities. We maintained a website section dedicated to the impact of the crisis on our community and encourage participation in the conversation.

Brexit Toolkit

FIS has created a checklist to help members plan for and understand potential impacts of Brexit on their operations. The checklist is a starting point for a systematic approach to address the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.