Sustainability in the Finishes and Interiors Sector

FIS is committed to taking a pro-active lead, not just in supporting the UK ambition to net zero carbon by 2050, but delivering profound transformation within our supply chain on all aspects of ethical and environmental sustainability.

In this toolkit we look at some of the key actions that you can take and also some of the wider sector initiatives that can support your business in setting a sustainability strategy.  The aim is to support companies in meeting the ethical and environmental aspects of sustainability considered from the three dimension of planet, people and profit across the entire construction supply chain. Definitions of sustainability do vary, but focus is on where our sector can make a positive impact in line with the UN Sustainability goals and the Net Zero agenda in the UK.  

FIS 10 Golden Rules for Waste Reduction

Introducing Sustainability

General Principles

Relevant Literature

Sector Specific Activities




How to measure sustainability

Sustainability related to your activities

Sustainability related to your organisation


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Zero carbon resources for finishes and interiors

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Sustainability Headlines

Re-use, net zero, sustainability and FIS efforts

Re-use, net zero, sustainability and FIS efforts

Wednesday marked the last formal FIS Working Group meeting for 2023 with the FIS Sustainability Leadership Group descending on Clerkenwell, kindly hosted by Troldtekt in their showroom.  As host Steve Mansell kindly acted as Guest Chair (this Chair for this group...

FIS CEO joins new SKARating Board

FIS CEO joins new SKARating Board

Getting ready for Net Zero: SKA announces new Board and governance SKArating is announcing an exciting change in leadership and new plans to scale up to support the growing need to reshape sustainability in the fit-out world. SKArating has, over the last 15 years,...

Guidance for contractors carrying out a pre fit-out audit

Guidance for contractors carrying out a pre fit-out audit

According to Defra, the construction industry is responsible for 68 million tonnes of construction and demolition wastes each year. While 92% of those wastes are recovered, that still leaves 5 million tonnes going to landfill. It is also understood that most of...

FIS Events

Path to Net Zero

The CLC Roadmap to Recovery has laid out proposals to secure the future of construction, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.  But what does this mean to projects in our sector.

Calculating your carbon footprint

As the industry is becoming more aware of the urgency to work towards net zero carbon targets, it is important that organisations start measuring their carbon footprint.