Health and Safety

 It is a core objective of FIS to help reduce risk and create a healthier and safer construction environment for all.  Below you can find details of our H&S Toolkit to support members.

In terms of operational safety, construction has made significant strides in the past decade.  But we cannot afford to be complacent, accidents still happen and there remain  around 82,000 work-related ill health cases (new or longstanding) every year, with 62% attributable to musculoskeletal issues and 25% related to stress, depression or anxiety.  It is a terrifying statistic that suicide rates in construction are double the national average.

It is mandatory for FIS members to maintain an active focus on all elements of H&S and this forms a vital part of our code of conduct audits.

In addition to resources available here, Members have access to our H&S Helpline that they can access via 0121 707 0077.



Health and Safety Handbook

The Health and Safety Handbook is designed for distribution by members to site operatives as a tool to help remind them of the hazards that they may encounter every day in their job and assist them in meeting company health and safety requirements.

Members purchasing bulk copies may have them overprinted with their company logo, to arrange this please complete the Health and Safety Handbook Order Form.

Your obligations under CDM 2015

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Expert health & safety consultant service for FIS members

These free guides have been provided by Associate Member, Citation, who offer preferential rates on their services to FIS members. Their Health & Safety service includes a dedicated local consultant, 24/7 advice line, and 100s of model documents and templates.

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Mental Health Hub

Mental health is such a prevalent issue within the construction sector.

Did you know that:

  • Every single working day in the UK two construction workers take their own life
  • Stress, anxiety and depression account for a fifth of all work-related illness
  • Every year there are over 82,000 new cases of work related illness that can be directly attributed to working within construction
  • Every year over 2.4 million days are lost through injury or illness in our industry

You will find all of our mental health resources in our mental health hub, please click here

COVID-19 H&S Toolkit

FIS Four Step Protocol to Develop Safe Systems of Work
Developed to ensure that there is a COVID-19 risk assessment in place for the management of health and safety upon each project that prioritises safety, reducing the risk to workers and liability for individual companies.

Site Safe

Site Operating Procedures: England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Construction Leadership Council Site-Operating-Procedures (covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
These are the guidelines developed to support the safe management of construction sites in England.

Site Operating Procedures: Scotland

Construction Scotland have developed seperate guidelines to ensure businesses in Scotland can comply with the requirements. This document is supported by Advance addendum no. 1: 11th January 2021 (these documents should be read together). 

Additional supporting information,  has been published by the CICV Forum Health and Safety Subcommittee.  CICV-SOP-Guidance-Book has been developed to extend this guidance mindful of the best available guidance, nationally and internationally, and serves as a guide for the management of COVID-19 on a construction site for the duration of the pandemic.

Site Operating Procedures: Republic of Ireland

Seperate Guidance has also been published for the Republic of Ireland Construction Sector C-19 Pandemic Standard Operating ProceduresIrish Guidance, from the Construction Industry Federation.  Like the Safe return and restart documeng in Scotland, these provide greater clarity, particularly around transport and instances where 2m working cannot be avoided.

FIS has created a Site Inspection Checklist
To support members in carrying out site inspections (either of their own site or sites they are required to work on) against the CLC Site Operating Procedures to support safe return to work and assist in managing any disputes associated with safety concerns.

New Charter for Home Builders to support Safe Working
In conjunction with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), HBF has produced the below ‘Charter for Safe Working Practice’ to ensure that home building activity is carried out safely and in accordance with the advice of Government and Public Health England during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

HSE Whistleblowing service 
If you are being asked to work on a site that is not safe, the HSE provide a whistleblowing service to report your concerns.

Task Safe

FIS H&S Task Assessment Tool
This tool supports analysis of common tasks in the Finishing and Interiors Sector where two metre social distancing is difficult to maintain.  This paper presents the suggestions made by an FIS task group of Health and Safety Practitioners, to support safe working.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/Respiritory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Mask for task, Cover for Covid

FIS COVID-19 Guide to the Selection of Personal and Respiratory Protective Equipment
With PPE / RPE in short supply and a variety of often conflicting information and advice, FIS has produced this guide to help companies to select the right PPE and manage common construction hazardous substances e.g. dust in an environment with the added complexities of protection against COVID-19.

PPE Certificate Checklist
Are you sure that your personal protective equipment (PPE) is legal and its CE compliance certificate is genuine and relates directly to the performance of the equipment?

Guidance on managing applying PPE
As well as issuing PPE it is vital that we ensure people know how to put it on, remove it, clean it or dispose of it to ensure that we eliminate all risks.

Risk Assessment, Method Statements (RAMS)

FIS Methodologies for Working with COVID-19 Restrictions
Guidance for FIS Members in developing method statements or a COVID-19 Exposure Plan.

FIS Example COVID 19 Risk Assessment
An example risk assessment for a site to help identify common hazards and control measures.

FIS COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template – This COVID-19 Risk Assessment is a guide, users are required to review and ensure the controls cover the risks present in their workplace/project.  Thanks to the CFA for sharing this resource to support our community.

Preparing for a COVID Inspection – FIS Associate Citation have prepared a free to download checklist of considerations you need to make, to get you inspection-ready and to create a safe and secure workplace for everyone in your workplace.

Worker Welfare

What to do when an Employee has COVID-19 Symptoms or needs to Self-Isolate – Many business owners will in the coming weeks be confronted with a worker who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 FIS has assembled guidance to ensure our members are ready to cope with this situation.

FIS COVID19 Employee Welfare Policy
A template welfare policy to support your management of your team during the pandemic.

Remapping the workplace in a socially distancing world – As we start the process of getting those who cannot work from home, back into the workplace, and remap the environment for those who can work from home but need to visit the office to reconnect and collaborate, there is a need to understand the options to adjust the workplace, to look for guidance and help the decision making processes.

FIS COVID-19 – Protocol and Checklist For Employees and Workers Arriving on Site
Guidance to support the identification and management of health concerns of workers reporting for duty and arriving on site.

FIS Guidance to issue to self-employed workers on reporting to work, risk mitigation and self-isolation
Guidance to issue to workers to help communicate COVID-19 related issues.

FIS Associate Citation has produced a free hand hygiene training video that you can access here

Coronavirus: UK health and safety obligations a useful reminder from Pinsent Mason on the need to do specific risk assessments related to Coronavirus

Working from home

Top tips on how to maintain the wellbeing of your employees while they work from home

Homeworking – arrangements and guidance for employers

Health and Safety Checklist for staff working from home

First Responders and First Aid

COVID-19: HMG guidance for first responders

St John’s Ambulance COVID-19 Advice for First Aiders

Other useful resources from colleagues across the construction sector

Remapping the workplace in a socially distancing world – As we start the process of getting those who cannot work from home, back into the workplace, and remap the environment for those who can work from home but need to visit the office to reconnect and collaborate, there is a need to understand the options to adjust the workplace, to look for guidance and help the decision making processes.

Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) These 8 guides cover a range of different types of work. Many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles. You may need to use more than one of these guides as you think through what you need to do to keep people safe. Further guidance will be published as more businesses are able to reopen.

COVID-19 – Site safety checklists, risk assessment tool and toolbox talk available from the CITB – Information has been produced in collaboration with the Construction Leadership Council and supported by Build UK.  The checklist and forms aim to help ensure site operating procedures during COVID-19 are clear and accessible to employees.

COVID-19 – Site operating procedures compliance checklist

COVID-19 – Health safety and environment risk assessment template

COVID-19 – A toolbox talk for construction workers

COVID-19 – Weekly site operating procedures checklist

A copy of the ‘Employees COVID-19 Guidance’ produced by MPA can be found here.
A copy of the ‘Managers COVID-19 Guidance’ produced by MPA can be found here.

The Construction Industry Helpline provides emotional and financial support to the construction community and their families and is available on 0345 605 1956