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Thank you so much for calling yesterday Joe. We discussed the concerns you have raised and concur that the partition is not be compliant with the Regulations in the current configuration.   Luckily  in this case we know the customer well and we are going to see him this week and will the mistake. We are due to do further works there just as soon as the owner has decided what to use it for so can get the corrective work completed before being occupied.  Once again Joe, don’t ever be afraid to make this kind of call, it’s absolutely what you do best.  I think it is also a reminder that social media can be a hazard, although in this instance, I’m pleased I posted so that you could spot the problem, even if it does mean that others did the same!

This is a quote from a member contacted by the FIS Technical Team after we spotted an image posted on social media that appeared not to be complaint with the Building Regulations

Note about Membership of the FIS

FIS membership is not automatic on application, full membership is subject to strict vetting procedures and open to contractors and suppliers involved in commercial interior fit-out and building finishes.  Most members are UK-based, but companies based outside the UK may also apply.

Companies who do not have a two year trading history may join as KickStart members.  This allows you to access information resources and for us to support you through the vetting process in readiness for you qualifying for full membership.

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