Associate Membership (KickStart)

FIS recognises that many companies value FIS accredited membership, but currently do not meet its strict vetting criteria. Part of any trade association’s remit is to raise industry standards, be it through education, training or practical advice. KickStart has been designed to do just that and help you build a better business


FIS provides a wide range of benefits to all its members including:

  • Representation
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Provisions of information and advice
  • Training
  • Networking

Key benefits

Increased business opportunity: The FIS Associate Member badge is a mark of quality. It represents that a company is working towards full accreditation and demonstrating its commitment to the organisation’s professional excellence.

Membership directory:  All KickStart registered companies are listed in the FIS online membership directory.

Advertising / Editorial:  KickStart registered companies can provide editorial and articles for FIS publications and also receive substantial advertising discounts in both FIS Focus and SpecFinish.

Expert advice: FIS has a number of helplines that provide specialist advice on technical, contractual and legal, health and safety, employment, tax and business issues. Printed and online material is also available through the Knowledge Hub including Best Practice Installation Guides and the Guide to Office Acoustics.

Training and skills: Through our network of interior sector training providers, FIS offers training courses, advice and access to funding. In the last three years we have facilitated the return of over £950,000 directly to members to pay for training.

Supply chain development: FIS membership provides the opportunity to meet and share ideas and industry experiences with other specialists. Our nationwide events are also a great chance to meet and develop relationships with potential supply chain partners, from manufacturers to main contractors.

Code of Conduct

On being accepted into the Association, all members agree to subscribe to and abide by the terms of the FIS Code of Conduct (where applicable to your company), which establishes a minimum standard of conduct for members in order to raise and maintain industry standards.

The FIS code of conduct requires members:

  • To conduct business in a manner that will reflect credit on the Association, the industry and themselves.
  • To adopt and commit to the principles and practices laid down by FIS.
  • To act with integrity towards others and exercise high standards of business practice and workmanship.
  • To be committed to training its workforce.
  • To ensure that they are conversant with and adhere to the relevant current British, European and International Standards and other relevant technical standards, regulations and practices.
  • In so far as they are able, to ensure that their products or systems are tested and/or comply with the recognised standards specified by the client or statutory authorities.
  • Not knowingly mislead others by fact or implication as to the performance of their products or systems.
  • To hold required levels of statutory or appropriate insurance.
  • To operate an effective health and safety policy and have a current health and safety policy statement.
  • To keep records of all RIDDOR reportable accidents and provide annual accident statistics to FIS.
  • To have and implement an appropriate environmental policy statement.
  • To display wherever practical the FIS Accredited Member Logo or FIS Associate Member Logo  (as applicable) on its premises, website, business stationery and brochures and make this Code of Practice available for inspection.
Subscription rates

£53 per month

Subscriptions are annual (1 January to 31 December) and plus VAT.  They can be paid by monthly or quarterly direct debit.