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FIS actively promotes good practice in the interiors sector to enable clients to achieve the high quality projects to which they aspire. Part of our mission is to raise, maintain and ensure continuity of standards and to be a source of quality membership, giving specifiers peace of mind that the FIS member they engage will provide excellent service and results.

The FIS Vetting Process

Membership is not automatic and applicants are subject to strict vetting procedures (built around the FIS PPP (Product Process People) Quality Framework.  Not only are members vetted on application, they are vetted every three years to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards FIS demands. Ongoing vetting comprises an on-site assessment, plus a detailed documentary review.

The FIS Code of Conduct

On being accepted into the Association, all members agree to subscribe to and abide by the terms of the FIS Code of Conduct (where applicable to your company), which establishes a minimum standard of conduct for members in order to raise and maintain industry standards.

The FIS code of conduct requires members:

  • To conduct business in a manner that will reflect credit on the Association, the industry and themselves.
  • To adopt and commit to the principles and practices laid down by FIS.
  • To act with integrity towards others and exercise high standards of business practice and workmanship.
  • To be committed to training its workforce.
  • To ensure that they are conversant with and adhere to the relevant current British, European and International Standards and other relevant technical standards, regulations and practices.
  • In so far as they are able, to ensure that their products or systems are tested and/or comply with the recognised standards specified by the client or statutory authorities.
  • Not knowingly mislead others by fact or implication as to the performance of their products or systems.
  • To hold required levels of statutory or appropriate insurance.
  • To operate an effective health and safety policy and have a current health and safety policy statement.
  • To keep records of all RIDDOR reportable accidents and provide annual accident statistics to FIS.
  • To have and implement an appropriate environmental policy statement.
  • To display wherever practical the FIS Accredited Member Logo or FIS Associate Member Logo  (as applicable) on its premises, website, business stationery and brochures and make this Code of Practice available for inspection.

If you are working with an FIS Member and do not believe they are adhering to this code, please contact the FIS via info@thefis.org or telephone 0121 707 0077.  You can view our Complaints and Appeals Procedure here.

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The FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme

Over and above vetting and, in a bid to curb growing incidents of ‘passing off’ and intervene to improve comparability of information in the glazed partitions and operable wall market, the FIS Membership has teamed up with Cundall Acoustics to develop an acoustic test certificate verification scheme.  The scheme takes test data and reports and runs a series of checks to verify information is accurate and genuine.

You can find out more about the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme here.

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