FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme

In a bid to curb growing incidents of ‘passing off’ FIS has teamed up with Cundall Acoustics to develop an acoustic test certificate verification scheme.  The scheme takes test data and reports and runs a series of checks to verify information is accurate and genuine.

What is the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme


A level playing field for the declaration and verification of acoustic performance of products used in the finishes and interiors sector against a commonly agreed third-party standard.


To introduce standard methodology to support honest and consistent declaration of acoustic performance, encouraging best practice and preventing inaccurate or misleading information from undermining the market and responsible manufacturers.

Introduction to the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme

In response to confusion raised by clients and concerns expressed within the industry related to the comparability of acoustic airborne sound insulation tests, members of the FIS tasked the organisation to develop and promote a framework for third-party verification of airborne sound insulation test results.  The FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme has been created to enable members to verify tests against an agreed criterion and a methodology to present these to market in a consistent and transparent manner.

To deliver, FIS has teamed up with Cundall Acoustics to develop an acoustic test certificate verification scheme.  The scheme takes test reports and assessments and runs a series of checks to verify the certificates are genuine.

If you are a manufacturer and want to find out more about getting your data verified, email and request a copy of the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme Manual

The scheme was initially launched to cover Operable Walls and in October 2019 was extended to cover Glazed Partitions (see the launch press release here).

The use of misleading or in some cases falsified data means that client’s end up paying for acoustic performance that is not achieved.  We are keen to curb this practice and improve the way we manage and present information within our sector, to create not only a level playing field for our members, but peace of mind for clients that the product selected has been properly tested.

‘It is envisaged the verification service will grow to encompass other acoustic performance products used in the fit out and finishes sector ie doors, partitioning, raised access flooring and suspended ceilings and will eventually be extended to include verification of other test data.

Iain McIlwee FIMMM, FIS Chief Executive

Verification Process

 The process for verification to the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme Standard is as follows:

  • All data is supplied using an agreed FIS data sheet
  • Test report and certificate and covering information must be supplied in English and be translated by the original test house.
  • Traceable evidence on the independence of the test facility must be supplied
  • Photographs of the test if available must be supplied
  • Drawings of the installation of the test sample must be supplied
  • The independent verification will be carried out by Cundall Johnston and Partners LLP
  • All companies must be full members of the FIS

You can download our FIS Datasheet here.  Full details of the technical requirements  are available in the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme Manual, available on request via 

Data Verification Scheme - Operable Walls

The product information referenced below has been reviewed by Cundall Johnston and Partners LLP and all products listed in the acoustic test certificate verification chart have test certification that are considered to satisfy the requirements of ISO 140-3: 1995
Click on the manufacturer cell to be directed to the specific product and acoustic data on the relevant manufacturer’s website.

Click here to view the Acoustic Test Certificate Verification Chart  (in range order lowest first)

Data Verification Scheme - Partitions

Full details of compliant products to be published in October but in the meantime we are delighted to announce that the first set of partitions have now been approved and the following members are able to offer verified products:

  • Deko Scotland Limited
  • Forza Doors Limited
  • Komfort Partitioning Limited
  • Lindner Interiors Limited
  • Optima Products Limited
  • Planet Partitioning Limited

Click here to download the partition acoustic verifcation table

You can contact members via our member directory

There is a growing understanding of the intrinsic link between good acoustic management and wellbeing for occupants and this scheme helps to deliver what our customers expect from us and our industry.

Kevin Dundas

Supply Chain Manager (Products), Willmott Dixon

We have now adopted the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme on all relevant specifications for Linear Group. The scheme helps us to short-cut a complex verification process, safe in the knowledge that the test evidence we are confronted with has been interrogated and is both accurate in itself and we can be confident that the product we are installing will perform as designed. Acoustics is a complex space and information can be misleading – this scheme gives us the reassurance we need as a contractor and we can pass this reassurance on to the customer.

Stephen Holmes

CEO, Linear Group