FIS is working with The Diabetes Safety Organisation (DSO) to draw attention to the vital issue and risks that can be posed by diabetes in the workplace. Diabetes is often misunderstood and underestimated as a condition, and its impact on individuals and the workplace is not always visible. Around 8% of your employees have diabetes and around 33% have pre-diabetes. Many employees with diabetes ‘hide’ their condition at work and/or feel unsupported by their employer, leading to poor diabetes management for individuals and greater diabetes risks for them and the business.

In a previous issue of SpecFinish, we heard from Kate Walker, Director at Diabetes Safety Organisation, who explained that the rapid increase in the number of people with diabetes means that it is very likely that some employees on site will have the condition. Employers, therefore, must understand the risks and know how to support affected employees and their colleagues. You can read he full article here

There are 1 million people living with undiagnosed diabetes. Undiagnosed and poorly managed diabetes can lead to significant changes in eye sight, lack of sensation in feet and lower concentration levels. Additionally it causes long term damage to key organs like the heart and kidneys, increasing the number of people who exit the workplace early. With the correct support at work, people can better manage their condition, improving their productivity, concentration and over all safety.

There is limited real world data on diabetes in the workplace and we are looking for organisations to help us and themselves understand key organisational risks such as:

  • Whether work practices are compromising the ability of employees with diabetes to manage their condition according to their health providers’ recommendations
  • Whether severe hypos are being hidden/not recorded in health and safety data
  • Whether employees know how to recognise and assist a colleague experiencing a hypo
  • Whether employees with diabetes are choosing to not disclose their condition to their line manager/HR
  • Whether employees with diabetes are compliant with DVLA driving regulations
  • Whether employees understand the risks from undiagnosed diabetes
  • Whether line managers are confident in their knowledge of diabetes risks at work and ability to support employees with diabetes

The survey is confidential and can be completed here –