Sustainability in the Finishes and Interiors Sector

FIS is committed to taking a pro-active lead, not just in supporting the UK ambition to net zero carbon by 2050, but delivering profound transformation within our supply chain on all aspects of ethical and environmental sustainability.

In this toolkit we look at some of the key actions that you can take and also some of the wider sector initiatives that can support your business in setting a sustainability strategy.  The aim is to support companies in meeting the ethical and environmental aspects of sustainability considered from the three dimension of planet, people and profit across the entire construction supply chain. Definitions of sustainability do vary, but focus is on where our sector can make a positive impact in line with the UN Sustainability goals and the Net Zero agenda in the UK.  

FIS 10 Golden Rules for Waste Reduction

Introducing Sustainability

General Principles

Relevant Literature

Sector Specific Activities




How to measure sustainability

Sustainability related to your activities

Sustainability related to your organisation


FIS has partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School

A wealth of free resources to support the Construction Supply Chain in improving Sustainability and helping to hit net-Zero Targets.

Sustainability Headlines

Greenwashing – make sure your claims don’t come out in the wash

Greenwashing – make sure your claims don’t come out in the wash

The Competition and Markets Authority has produced its Green Claims Code to help businesses understand how to communicate their green credentials while reducing the risk of misleading consumers. The Code focuses on 6 principles that are based on existing consumer law,...

New Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and Plastic Tax

New Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and Plastic Tax

Duty to report Organisations with more than 500 employees and a turnover over £500 million are now required to report climate‐related financial information on an annual basis. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published guidance...

NHP Supplier Guide

NHP Supplier Guide

The New Hospital Programme (NHP), which is developing 48 hospitals by 2030, has published the NHP Supplier Guide. The guide is aligned to the Construction Playbook and sets out what is important to the NHP ‐ better, faster and greener procurement ‐ and what it...

Government’s Energy Strategy Published

Government’s Energy Strategy Published

The Government has released its British Energy Security Strategy with the aim of providing secure, clean and affordable energy for Great Britain. It sets out how the deployment of wind, nuclear, solar and hydrogen will be accelerated, which could see 95% of...

Construction hits first target on roadmap to Net Zero

Construction hits first target on roadmap to Net Zero

The construction sector has hit its first target in its campaign to drive carbon out of the sector. Last year the Construction Leadership Council launched its CO2nstruct Zero industry-change programme with the aim of eradicating carbon from buildings and...

FIS Events

Path to Net Zero

The CLC Roadmap to Recovery has laid out proposals to secure the future of construction, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.  But what does this mean to projects in our sector.

Calculating your carbon footprint

As the industry is becoming more aware of the urgency to work towards net zero carbon targets, it is important that organisations start measuring their carbon footprint.