With mounting pressure on the built environment sector to reduce embodied as well as operational carbon emissions, the industry needs to get to grips with how circular economy practices, such as reuse, can provide solutions. The Alliance of Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) is supporting the sector to share knowledge and drive action through the relaunch of its Reuse Now campaign and as part of that its upcoming Reuse Summit event (18 October) which is being hosted in conjunction with FIS.

Aim of the Reuse Now campaign

The aim of the campaign is to increase uptake of the reuse of construction products and materials through:

  • Practical focus by exploring supply chain barriers and develop solutions
  • Open dialogue and sharing of knowledge between reuse material donors/recipients and wider ecosystem to enable greater uptake
  • Learn from what others have done to progress quickly (not everyone doing their own research)

Through connecting and collaborating with others active in the space we want the ASBP to be the ‘go-to’ place for practical guidance and information on the reuse of materials and products in construction.

Supporting the campaign

The ASBP is looking for forward thinking organisations to get involved and sponsor the Reuse Now Campaign and Reuse Summit to enable this work. Benefits of being involved with the Reuse Now campaign include:

  • knowledge exchange and learning
  • thought leadership opportunities and leading by example
  • being associated with sector best practice
  • and being able to input into and have access to research and practical outputs to support your organisation – and the industry – to achieve its Circular Economy and Net Zero Carbon targets.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with debbie.ward@asbp.org.uk or larry@asbp.org.uk if you are interested in sponsoring the Reuse Now campaign or have any questions about our work in this area.


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