The construction industry is a big contributor of carbon emissions. The industry is also a big consumer of resources – a staggering 60 million tonnes of waste is generated per year. While 90% of wastes are recycled, much gets down cycled as low value applications. The fit-out industry is fast paced and commercial buildings often get refitted every 5-7 years. With every refit, products that are still within their specified service life are disposed of with little consideration for a potential new life.

As we are coming out of the summer, having once again beaten records temperatures around the globe, it is time that we start to embrace new approaches to reduce carbon emissions quickly. Over the last two years FIS has been working with its members to find ways to reduce carbon emissions. Getting out of the take, make, use, dispose cycle and to change the way we operate are becoming more important than ever.

Through this survey, we would like to get your views on whether we can change some of the current practices and we would like to understand what barriers are still in place to enable change. We would be very happy to discuss the questions further if you would like to share more thoughts.

The Great CAT A Debate

FIS wants to hear your views on CAT A fit-outs. Do you think there is a need for them and can they offer a sustainable process?