FIS Conference: Embracing change in the finishes and interiors sector

We have decided to go virtual for our annual conference this year, but rather than ask you to carve out a day, we want to make September a month focussed on understanding the drivers, embracing change and seizing your future in this amazing sector.

People and Skills

Recorded : 15 September

With new immigration rules labour shortages have hit the headlines, but this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sector skills challenge.  The Grenfell Inquiry and ongoing quality issues have intensified focus not just on our future workforce but raises the question how do we effectively measure and manage competence in the sector?  We need to consider how, as a supply chain, we ensure that all involved in the design, procurement, management, installation and maintenance process are at the right level of competence to deliver in their role effectively.

This session looks at where we are at, how our workforce is evolving and how responsible businesses are reacting to the challenge.

Our three keynote speakers will cover:

  • Defining competence and setting a framework for success
  • The future of employment, how will construction be engaging our workforce in the future
  • Engaging tomorrow’s workforce and developing attractive careers in the finishes and interiors sector

Our speakers were joined by Helen Tapper of Tapper Interiors and Gareth Dunn of british Gypsum to look at the key trends that are driving change and how the finishes and interiors sector is and will need to react.