FIS Conference: Embracing change in the finishes and interiors sector

We have decided to go virtual for our annual conference this year, but rather than ask you to carve out a day, we want to make September a month focussed on understanding the drivers, embracing change and seizing your future in this amazing sector.

Contracts and Risk

Recorded : 22 September

Ninety years ago, our grandfathers agreed the fairest way to share risk and manage complex relationships was carefully crafted standard contracts – JCT was born. From day one we then set a process in place where these standard contracts are routinely amended to a point where they are barely recognisable and force risk through the supply chain.  We introduced retentions to support quality, but they have become collateral in negotiations and a line of cheap credit.  Instead of calling ourselves builders or constructors, we have even bound ourselves tighter in the contractual chains by calling ourselves ‘contractors’.  In this session we ask is the contractual and procurement process now completely at odds with effective risk management, delivering quality in construction and ultimately making us uninsurable.

Our three keynote speakerscovered:

  • Is the standard contract a myth, how do we need to shape our contractual relationships in the future
  • Procuring to deliver quality and support effective risk management
  • Fair payment, moving beyond the old adversarial construction approach

These speakers were joined by Craig Hayward, Head of National and Sales at CCF; James Reid of Consruction Shield and Gordon Matheson, Director, Matheson Plumbing Company to look at the key trends that are driving change and how the finishes and interiors sector is and will need to react.