FIS BuildBack Programme

Funded through CITB, Build Back is a collaborative recruitment and induction programme run by FIS that connects employers, funding and candidates to help find the next generation of dryliners.  BuildBack is FULLY FUNDED and so free for employers to use.


What is Buildback

BuildBack is an standardised recruitment and induction programme for those looking to start a career in drylining. Run by FIS and funded by CITB – it has been developed to help find the next generation of dryliners.   The programme recruits and assesses candidates before putting them through two weeks of introduction training in the skills and competencies required for installing drylining, followed by a two-week work placement on-site with a local employer.

Benefits of BuildBack to you business

BuildBack helps employers to grow their workforce by providing a pool of candidates with a grounding in the skills and competencies required for installing drylining. Employers can meet and select the candidates they want to offer work experience to, to ensure they are best fit for the organisation.  The hope is that placements evolve into sustained work and FIS can support future training and the achievement of a vocational qualification or an apprenticeship, through its training provider network.  BuildBack is FULLY FUNDED, there is no cost to employers. 

To register as an employer and offer BuildBack candidates work placements email or telephone 0121 707 0077

If you are interested in getting into Drylining and would like to gain experience through BuildBack email or telephone 0121 707 0077 (see below for a list of upcoming cohorts, but don’t be put off if nothing local, still reach out as the list is growing all of the time).

The BuildBack Approach

STEP 1: SET-UP – Establish the need in the area then start to recruit candidates for an assessment day and line up employers.  If a cohort of 15 is an option a bespoke cohort can be arranged or we work with groups of employers.  FIS liaise with the CITB, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or alternative regional funded hubs to line up the funding and ensue BuildBack is FREE TO THE COMPANY OFFERING WORK PLACEMENTS.

STEP 2: ASSESSMENT– Put candidates through a specialist assessment programme to ascertain suitability for work in the trade;

STEP 3: TWO WEEK INTENSIVE TRAINING – A specialist applied-training programme, carried out by an FIS approved training provider, covering the skills and competencies required for installing drylining. Training takes place in training centres in hubs, on a construction site, or while working for a charity;

STEP 4: TWO WEEK WORK TRIAL – Successful candidates are funded to take their H&S test, issued with a provisional CSCS card, provided with PPE and a basic toolkit before being placed with an employer for their  work-experience;

STEP 5: EMPLOYMENT – Candidate is taken on and  is considered for starting their vocational qualification or apprenticeship. FIS continues to monitor the progress of individuals and support businesses to access funding to support any ongoing training.


There is no direct cost to employers, FIS do all of the liaison and arrangement between the various parties and fund the tools and H&S test via grants from the CITB.

Employers wanted!

The FIS Build Back programme is looking for employers to support work experience opportunities for candidates who have completed their basic drylining/plastering training. All trainees will be provided with PPE and will have completed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test.

Further cohorts planned

Further cohorts are planned for Glasgow, Greater Manchester. East Midlands, Kent/Essex, North London, & East Yorkshire.

Where there is no local cohort, FIS may be able to develop bespoke cohorts for single organisations or organisations wishing to collaborate.

Contact FIS on 0121 707 0077 or email for more information.