Interior Systems Installer Apprenticeship (England and Northern Ireland)

The Interior Systems Installer Apprenticeship is a Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard that provides a core and two pathway options.  It is designed to take18-months of training, 75 days off-the-job depending upon the individuals existing skills and knowledge. If you are interested in getting on an apprenticeship, starting an apprentice on the programme or delivering the course the the FIS Team is on hand to help via 0121 707 0077 or email

The Interior Systems Installer Apprenticeship

The Interior Systems Installer Apprenticeship is a Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard that provides a core and two pathway options.  It is designed to take 18-months of training, 75 days off-the-job depending upon the individuals existing skills and knowledge.

The Structure of the Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is based on a core and options model:

  • The Core: standard skills and knowledge required of any interior systems installer and requires an end point assessment covering all criteria and criteria one for the chosen option.

The options are:

  • Option 1: Drylining – methods to install different drylining systems that form the walls and rooms within a building, often used to hide wires and pipes whilst improving acoustics and create space for insulation.
  • Option 2: Suspended Ceiling and Partitioning Systems – incorporates different ceiling and partition systems within a building. Used to provide different types of working environments, taking account of lighting and other fixtures.

You can see a full copy of the standard here

For an introduction to apprenticeships and qualifications in the Finishes and Interiors Sector Click here

Training Provision for the Interior Systems Installer Apprenticeship

FIS has developed an excellent network of college and training provision that supports consistent deliver across the UK.  This underpins all the training developed for the sector and FIS are always keen to enlist and promote the services of more Training Providers.

As well as an extensive range of benefits, the network supports consistent delivery through the provision of core resources including:

  • Access to the latest FIS Training Specifications – Developed to encourage standardisation across the sector, FIS Training Specifications support apprenticeship training delivery and can be used to design training contextualised to the occupation.  To support the delivery of the Interior Systems Apprenticeship Standard, a block syllabus has been produced to assist training organisations in the formulation of a course programme.  It shows the minimum duration of each subject as expected by the Employer Development Group.
  •  Access to FIS teaching resources including, FIS Best Practice Guides, FIS Site Guides and FIS e-learning zone.
  •  Sharing resources and benchmarking through the FIS Approved Training Provider network meetings.

 For a list of FIS Approved Training Providers click here

For a full list of providers registered to deliver the standard click here

Important Note:  Beyond the list of registered providers FIS is keen to help build a broader network of providers, if we can prove demand in a region and work with a number of employers this will help to improve quality and availability of provision.

You can download an example template for the Career and Competency Pathway for Drylining occupations here

You can download an example template for the Career and Competency Pathway for Ceiling Fixing occupations here

Futher pathways are currently being developed through the work of the FIS Skills Board and core FIS Working Groups

Funding Band

Maximum funding available to support training: £14,000

NB: This funding is available to support the training, it does not cover additional grants and incentive payments that may be available to support the employer (see below for details of the full range of funding that businesses can access to support apprentice provision).

FIS Guide: Apprenticeships – Guidance for Employers

End Point Assessment

FIS is co-ordinating a group helping to develop the test criteria to support delivery of the End-Point-Assessment.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact

The outline requirements of the End Point Assessment can be accessed here

For an up-to-date list of End-point-Assessment Organisations click here.

Book your 1-2-1 FIS Skills and Funding Clinic to help you optimise funding you can access to support your training needs here

Apprenticeship funding

Apprentice funding can come via a variety of routes depending on where you operate in the UK.  As well as National or Regional Funding you may be eligible for additional funding via the CITB.   If you are interested in taking on an apprentice, contact the FIS on 0121 707 0077 or email and we will ensure that you receive advice in terms of recruitment, induction, training provision and funding options.

Getting started

Employers:  If you are interested in taking on an apprentice, you can access FIS Guide to taking on an Apprentice here.  FIS is here to help with recruitment and finding and sourcing appropriate providers as well as updated advice on funding available to support you.

Training Providers:  If you are interested in delivering the standard, contact FIS to find out more about the support we can offer via

Individuals:  An apprenticeship sets you up for a career in this exciting and dynamic sector click here for more details on the options available to you.

 For further information on skills, careers, competency and qualifications in the Finishes and Interiors Sector, visit our Skills Hub here.

Apprenticeships - Guidance For Employers

Employing an apprentice is a big step, but you are not on your own.  Apprentices are a vital investment in the future and, a well managed programme, can help enhance productivity, improve business performance and help you to develop a committed and competent workforce.   The social capital that apprenticeship programmes drive can also help you to win work.  If you are thinking about taking on an apprentice, FIS have prepared a handy guide you can download it here, but don’t forget to give our team a call so we can help you tap into the huge amount of support (funding and otherwise) that is available to help you to make your apprenticeship programme a success.

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