Ceiling Fixer Career and Competency Pathway

This Career and Qualification Path draws together the spine of vocational qualification and training available in the UK to support employers and individuals in the induction, progression and development of competent individuals within the Drylining Occupation. It has been developed in consultation with the FIS Ceiling and Absorbers Working Group and the FIS Skills Board.

The Pathway supports FIS core objective of a workforce that is qualified and carded or working towards qualifications that will prove competence by 2025 and and is based on the FIS Competency Framework (SAKE), which centres on measuring competency through the required Skills, Attitude, Knowledge and Experience that an individual must exhibit to be deemed competent:

Skills: The practical application of knowledge learnt through on and/or off-the-job training.
Attitude: The mindset or approach required for competence, across the entire occupation.
Knowledge: The information, technical knowledge, and ‘know-how’ the individual needs to successfully carry out their duties.
Experience: The enhanced knowledge or skill acquired through practical experience.

The Path works on the principle of gateways, aligning trained and assessed outcomes to support progression within the occupation, through to supervisory and management roles. It should be adapted by individual companies in-line with roles within your organisation, but FIS is working to provide standardised job descriptions (based on the format below) to further support a consistent approach to career management within the industry.

The FIS is currently producing equivalent pathways to cover all core occupational areas in the Finishing and Interiors Sector. For further information and support in sourcing training, training providers or funding, or to discuss any aspect of this with the FIS team visit the FIS Skills Hub (access via the top menu)