FIS Skills Board – A Member Led Skills and Competency Strategy

To support the development of a competent workforce and ensure FIS is recognised as an industry leader in the skills and competency arena

The FIS Skills Strategy is led by our Skills Board, volunteers from the membership that act as a scrutiny and advisory board, helping ensure FIS effectively deploys resources effectively and delivers against the above mission statement.   It is structured around the FIS Competency SAKE Framework and a focus on our career and competency funnel (see below).

Our key objectives and goals are listed below.

RECRUIT: To support the recruitment of 1500 new individuals into the sector

Goal:   Develop guidance to promote careers into the sector

Goal:  Through Fit-out Futures focus on optimising recruitment and providing consistent inductions for all pathways into the sector reducing wastage at every opportunity.

QUALIFY:  Support a more consistent and robust pathway into the sector underpinned by a qualification and assessment landscape that meets the needs of the industry

Goal:   To launch and drive the uptake of interior systems installer and new plastering apprenticeships

Goal:  Build and support effectively a Network of Approved Training Providers

Goal:  Review and develop the wider qualification landscape ensuring that qualifications are fit-for-purpose, funded effectively and that that adequate provision and assessment is available

DEVELOP:  Increase competence of the existing workforce and improve   the culture of life-long learning

Goal:  A fully carded workforce by 2022

Goal:  Support ongoing learning based on the FIS Competency Framework SAKE (Skills Attitude Knowledge and Experience)

Goal:  Increase employer engagement in training and help members optimise levy return

Goal:  Provide a sustainable skills resource within the FIS

With an eye on developing skills throughout the sector and helping others achieve competency in their roles, I am excited to be assisting and working with the FIS Skills Board and its members to achieve this, whilst putting something back into the industry that has served me so well over the last 42 years.

Paul Leach

FIS Skills Board Chair, Stortford Interiors

FIS Competency Framework (SAKE) 

The FIS Skills and Competence strategy is built on the SAKE Framework, measuring competency through a combination of Skills, Attitude, Knowledge, Experience.

Skills: The practical application of knowledge learnt through on and/or off-the-job training.

Attitude: The mindset or approach required for competence, across the entire occupation.

Knowledge: The information, technical knowledge, and ‘know-how’ the individual needs to successfully carry out their duties.

Experience: The enhanced knowledge or skill acquired through practical experience.

You can download an example template for a competency framework for Drylining occupations here.


Paul Leach Stortford Interiors – CHAIR
Helen Syson Measom Drylining – VICE CHAIR
Ian Thomas CG Reynolds Ltd
Steve Anderson Construction Skills People
Michael Lennox CITB
Dawn Horton Taylor Hart Ltd
Billy Harris Roseville Contracts Ltd
Dan Smith Komfort
Dave Hall British Gypsum
Jonathan Cherry Saint Gobain – FIS Board Member
Alyn Carr Tyne Met College
Vinny Walker BDL
Simon Harvey Grays Group
Nick Edwards CITB
Sharon Street NOCN

The Council are supported by the FIS Skills Team, led by George Swann, Skills and Training Lead FIS.

If you are a Skills Champion and interested in getting involved contact George here