FIS has produced guidance that is designed to support and enable better understanding and engagement with BS EN 13964.

The guidance note aims to break down the standard into bite sized sections making it easier to understand to those who aren’t already familiar, allowing anyone to isolate only the sections that are relevant or of interest and gain either a passing understanding or to establish the necessity of purchasing the full standard. Where appropriate, each section covered will also give relevant commentary on reasonable expectations of products in the marketplace today.

Whilst the guidance is not designed to replace the standard and should not be relied upon to relay comprehensive detail and listings, it will prove useful to anyone who is not sure if the standard applies to certain products, are using the standard for specification purposes or simply wish to understand more about the reasonable expectations of performance requirements of a suspended ceiling.

FIS has previously published a comprehensive Specifiers Guide to Ceilings and Acoustic Absorbers that references BS EN 13964, but gives specification advice based on all common ceiling types and associated market expectations of performance and tolerances etc so the advice is not constrained to only those types of ceilings covered by the standard.

Referenced and associated FIS publications:

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