Specifiers Guide - Ceilings and Acoustic Absorbers

Specifying a ceiling is not always done by an architect, it might be done as part of a contractor’s design portion, as part of a design and build project, or even as part of offering alternatives. Whichever way, it’s crucial to get it right as the person producing the specification carries the responsibility that the products can be safely installed while meeting the requirements of the building regulations. 

This specification guide from FIS sets out our desire to help everyone involved in the specification of products and systems, and our commitment to raise the safety of residents, occupiers and those who use the built environment.

The guide addresses what a good specification looks like and how it should be structured, it even includes 10 top tips to producing a specification. It then breaks down the key performance issues around fire and acoustics and the other issues of volatile organic compounds, light reflectance, impact resistance, air permeability, wind loading, sustainability and conformity marking.