To improve access to new technology and promote the impact that improved motivation and productivity can have in the drylining industry, FIS and Mafic are offering five FIS members the chance to trial Mafic’s FAIRPAY rewards platform.

The platform has been developed to help organisations increase productivity and reduce costs by 10-20% by improving the motivation of their workforce.

This inclusive offer worth £3,500 includes:

–              12 people

–              12 weeks

–              Free setup

–              Subscription costs discounted by 75% to £450+VAT

FIS members taking part will still need to fund the bonuses and incentives that go directly to employees. These incentives drive savings that are multiples of the cost – you reduce cost by paying your best people more money – and Mafic will help to structure this in a way that minimises risk by basing the incentives around improvement.

Based on results elsewhere, it is estimated that you could save £10,000-£20,000 on labour costs from the demonstration, plus other benefits like improved retention rates.  You can see how FIS member Errigal Contracts has benefited from using FAIRPAY here on page 7.

Iain Mcilwee, FIS CEO said:  We are supporting this offer with Mafic in return for anonymised data which will be shared with FIS (i.e. no names, sites, dates, or geographic data) to help us better understand productivity in the industry, so that we can better serve and support our members.  Mafic has just five discounted projects available, so please express an interest early to avoid disappointment.’

For more information contact Ed Burns at or call him on 07967 968 346.