The Government has announced a package of measures to tackle the shortage of HGV drivers, which is causing widespread disruption across supply chains. It includes training 4,000 new drivers, offering 5,000 temporary visas for HGV drivers in the run up to Christmas, and using Ministry of Defence examiners to increase HGV testing capacity.

Build UK continues to work with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) to publish up‐to‐date information on the availability of key construction materials. For the first time, each material has been RAG‐rated on price as well as availability, and timber and concrete are currently ‘red’ for both. Only cladding and paint are rated ‘green’ on availability and price.

To help members manage the contractual impact of a range of Brexit‐related issues, Build UK has worked with Wedlake Bell LLP to produce guidance on Your Contracts Post‐Brexit, which provides comprehensive advice on dealing with delays to time and programme, price and currency fluctuations, and sourcing materials and legal ownership.