FIS has launched a new factsheet focusing on the detailing of Prepared Service Openings commonly referred to as Builders Work Holes.

In launching the factsheet, FIS Technical Director Joe Cilia stated: “We have had a number of enquiries through our helpline in recent weeks looking at the proximity and permitted sizes of service openings.

Anyone following the Grenfell Inquiry and the cross examining of the various construction and site managers will see how it is possible for details to fall between cracks – all to often we we hear phrases like “the architect says it is the contractors choice”.  This is the sort of area where design liability can be assumed and decisions must be informed by test evidence and properly signed off.

This factsheet isn’t so much about the definitive answers as these will depend on materials and environment and what the supplier/ manufacturer of the system states is required to maintain performance, but it is about making sure that the right process is followed and ultimately ensuring that a safety first approach is adopted.

The key point we are making is that early engagement in the design process is absolutely essential – we have to get away from the culture where the detailing is left to the last minute and the contractor expected to carry all the risk!”

The factsheet is Preparing Service Openings (Builders Work Holes) is available to download here

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