To create a level playing field for the declaration and verification of the acoustic performance of products, the Finishes and Interior Sector (FIS) has today at UK Construction Week launched the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme for Operable walls and Partitions. The scheme will allow designers, architects and contractors to specify products, safe in the knowledge they will provide the acoustics performance claimed, eliminating any misinformation and misleading information.

Created in partnership with the acoustic team at multi-disciplinary consultants Cundall, this new verification scheme takes manufacturers’ test reports and assessments and runs a series of thorough checks to verify the data is accurate and compliant. The scheme has been created to enable best practice and prevent inaccurate or misleading information from undermining the market and responsible manufacturers and suppliers.

Commenting on the launch, Iain McIlwee, FIS CEO said: “The misleading use of data has become an industry concern, as it means clients end up paying for acoustic performance that is not achieved and undermines the credibility of our sector.”

“We are determined to curb this practice, to create not only a level playing field for manufacturers, but peace of mind for clients, specifiers and contractors that the product selected has been properly tested and met the performance claimed. The test framework we have created will provide consistency and will enable the comparison of products and systems on a ‘like for like’ basis.”

The FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme will enable members to verify tests against an agreed criterion and a methodology to present these to market in a consistent and transparent manner.

A robust process has been created that will see manufacturers provide product data in a standardised format, along with test reports and where applicable third-party certificates. Non-English test information must be translated by the original test house to ensure accuracy and traceable evidence on the independence of the test facility has to be supplied. Photographs of the test, where available, along with drawings of the installation of the test sample must be supplied. This information is then provided to Cundall for independent verification in line with the schemes agreed criteria.

FIS is a driving force within the industry, providing unparalleled guidance, events, training and technical support for its members. A unique voice for the sector, FIS is committed to delivering the best knowledge and services for its members, continually reflecting the trends and innovations the industry has to offer.

For manufacturers and suppliers wanting to find out about getting test data verified, email and request a copy of the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme Manual.

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