FIS recently led a roundtable debate, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the problems and solutions needed to improve well-being in office buildings. The event, sponsored by BRE and the International WELL Building Institute, included TV presenter and eco-design expert Oliver Heath who advocates biophilic design.

Attendees shared their ideas on how to make every office fit-out meet the health and well-being needs of its workers; action, not words, was the order of the day. Suggestions were forthcoming, such as encouraging TV broadcasters to produce programmes which look at designing for health rather than focusing on the soft furnishings. Stakeholders need to come together to understand the various requirements of HR and facilities management and how the project manager and designer can address misconceptions with solutions.

The idea of engaging with the media to promote the well-designed office and work environment prompted delegates to speak out on behalf of the office workers. Few make demands of their employers for fear of putting their jobs in jeopardy. However, young people are more health-conscious and will choose their employer based on office surroundings.

Talk turned to the health and well-being of construction workers, not just manual trades, but also the architects, surveyors and project managers who spend a fair amount of time on construction sites.

Well-being is the new ideology and construction is about to face a revolution.

Read the full article from FIS Focus – November 2017 here.