FIS Competency Passport

What are the benefits for employers?

Demonstrate the competency of your workforce.

Track progress of skills development and competencies

Issue training and CPD certificates direct to your workers Competency Passport

Search and manage overall competency  of the organisation

Seamlessly connect with competency data of your workforce

Submit competency record for tenders and H&S management from a single source

Track, view and manage employees CSCS and other industry cards

How does it work

You can access an individuals Competency Passport, simply by sending an email through the system asking for access.  Once granted you will be able to view their training and achievement history.  The system filter allows you to manipulate the data to extract the information you need to demonstrate the competency of your workforce.

You can also use MyProPass to manage any activity that requires a digital certificate, whether that is a training course, an event or just to provide evidence of an individuals capability, for example, a health and safety record.  You can issue digitally verified certificated into an individuals passport, providing authenticity and reducing administration overheads, or you can simply issue a certificate code that can be redeemed by an individual after your activity has completed.

Your events, be it training, CPDs, toolbox talks, can be listed on the events directory, allowing individuals to book through the system and the certificate to be issued to the directly to their Competency Passport.

To use MyProPass you will pay an annual fee based on your company turnover, discounted by up to 80% for FIS member companies.

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