Webinar: Digitising proof of competence

Event Details

Date: 6 July 2022
Location: Online
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

When it comes to proving proof of competence on average 86% of the industry is not digitised, in some cases vocational qualifications are not given the importance they deserve usually through no fault of the qualification holder, 76% of the skills developed by individuals are not captured, 82% of work experience is not documented, detailed or validated, data is not easily accessible and stored in multiple places, how many certificates have you got gathering dust in a cupboard?

The My Professional Pass system provides an individual account free of charge where any of the items listed above can be recorded, a repository linking all data that can be accessible to whoever the individual wishes to view. Employers can have access to individual records of competence from recruitment to retirement. Organisations can organise and register their own events and training notifying participants and issuing certificates.

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