Webinar: Managing risk and improving outcomes

Event Details

Date: 27 September 2023
Location: Online
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Richard Brackstone

Richard Brackstone


RBMC are a Specialist Risk Management and Performance Consultancy, focused on helping construction organisations to manage risk better, improve performance, increase margins, and enhance shareholder value.

In this webinar, Richard Brackstone will talk about the nature of risk in construction and its implications, and how managing risk leads to improved outcomes.

He will also provide an insight into the unique and innovative Construction Company Risk Appraisal Report, developed by RBMC, and how they are using this to help construction companies.

Attendees will leave with a renewed focus on Risk Management within their business and the implications for their margins.

Specialist Risk Management support for FIS Members

FIS members can benefit from a 10% discount off RBMC’s usual report fees.