Operable Wall Working Group

The FIS Operable Wall working group was formed to represent, support and promote the Operable/Moveable Wall industry.

What is the FIS Operable Wall Working Group?

The FIS Operable Wall Working Group was established by suppliers and contractors involved in the manufacture, supply and installation of operable and moveable wall systems to address common issues, support members and to provide a collaborative platform to develop readily accessible, consistent and relevant information supporting the design, specification, installation and maintenance of Operable Wall Systems in the UK.

The Group aims to be the leading authority in the operable wall market, setting standards that are recognised and adopted by the operable wall industry for the benefit of all in the fit out and finishes sector.

Key objectives of the Operable Wall Working Group are to:

  • Develop technical standards as required
  • Promote best practice in the market
  • Educate and inform clients and specifiers about operable walls
  • Promote the products and skills of FIS members in this field
  • Shape the market so that the correct adherence to standards is recognised and adhered to by all to the benefit of clients
  • Provide UK operable wall market data
  • Extend FIS independent advisory service to include expertise in operable walls

What are the issues that the group is looking to address?

An example of a recent project delivered is launch of the FIS Best Practice Guide to Servicing Operable Walls, the group have also supported the publishing of the FIS Specifiers Guide: Partitions, which incorporates a section on Operable Walls.

The Group has been instrumental in the launch of the FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme for Operable Walls (the scheme was piloted by the Operable Wall Group and is now also open to members of the FIS Partitioning Working Group).  This scheme was developed in response to confusion raised by clients and concerns expressed within the industry related to the comparability of acoustic airborne sound insulation tests. 

Key focal areas for the operable wall working group are:

  • Conducting an annual Census of the Operable Wall Market (results available to respondants only)
  • Extending and promoting the Acoustic Verification Scheme
  • Creating guidance related to compliance with the Scottish Engineering Register (SER)
  • Maintaining and evolving guidance on inspecting maintaining and servicing operable walls
  • Maintaining and evolving specifiers guidance
  • Create a quality check list for site installation and develop guidance for the safe ingress of materials to site
  • Reviewing qualifications and training provision for the sector
  • Develop a competency framework defining roles and responsibilities of key operatives in the sector
  • Digital information management, golden thread and operable walls
  • Complying with the Code for Construction Products Information requirements

Working Group Meetings

Meetings are open to all members of the FIS and invited guests (prior confirmation of attendance is essential).  

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the group will be on 24 October 2023. Visit the FIS Events page for more details.

Notes from the previous meeting:

12 October 2022 – download the meeting notes here.

29 March 2022 – download the meeting notes here.

3 November 2021 – download the meeting notes here.

30 March 2021 – download the meeting notes here.

Key Resources developed through the FIS Operable Wall Working Group

FIS Best Practice Guide to Servicing Operable Walls

FIS Specifiers Guide: Partitions (which incorporates a section on Operable Walls)

The FIS Guide To Office Acoustics

FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme For Operable Walls & Partitions

Additional information is available through the Finishes and Interiors Sector Knowledge Hub here

To find out more about joining the FIS Operable Wall Group

If you are a member of the FIS already, simply contact the FIS on info@thefis.org or call 0121 707 0077 and ask to be added to the circulation list (or book to attend the next meeting and you will be automatically added).  If you want to find out more about joining the FIS – click here