Build UK has released an updated version of the Common Assessment Standard on Monday, 1st July. This new Version 4 has been refined after the removal of PAS 91 and now includes a fresh Building Safety segment. The update ensures that the Common Assessment Standard can showcase a company’s organisational ability to meet its obligations under the Building Safety Act. The completion of the Building Safety section is now considered ‘advisory’ rather than mandatory for the remainder of the year, allowing the industry to adjust to the new regulations.

There is a growing number of organisations from both the public and private sectors that are embracing the Common Assessment Standard. As outlined in Procurement Policy Note 03/24 released earlier this year, central Government departments and wider public sector entities are now mandated to use the Common Assessment Standard for pre-qualifying suppliers for construction projects. Version 4 is now available through the provided link as of 1st July. Suppliers seeking certification for the Common Assessment Standard after this date must respond to the updated set of questions.

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