With the General Election called for the 4th July, FIS wasn’t caught on the hop – we have already set down our core manifesto A Blueprint for Better Construction looking at how policy can support better procurement and contracting and help to improve investment in skills, innovation and net zero.

We are also calling for profound change in the education system and apprenticeship process. Currently we are failing our employers and young people and met in recent weeks with colleagues from across the sector and the current Government and Shadow Teams to discuss labour shortages and dwindling apprenticeship numbers.

FIS is urging all members to contact their local candidates (you can find their details here) and challenge them on how their party will support a sector that enables growth, delivers sustainability and provides employment for one in ten people in the UK.

We hope our document helps you to form you arguments and please feel free to copy FIS in to any communications or contact us for any support you need in this process.

Get your copy of the FIS Manifesto

A Blueprint to construction