On the day that we learned that the majority of higher risk building Gateway 2 applications were not valid (Regulator: Majority of higher-risk building applications ‘not valid’ | Construction News) the HSE has asked us to remind you that from 6 April projects may need to transition to the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) as the building control authority.

Some projects are eligible to stay under their current building control arrangements, as long as they meet certain criteria. Eligibility for transitional arrangements in building control – Making Buildings Safer

However, if your project:

  • Had building control arrangements in place, AND
  • Building work (including design work) had started, AND
  • A notice that the work had made sufficient progress was not given to the LA by 6 April


  • Has started building work but existing building control arrangements cease /are cancelled OR
  • Has started building work but there were no formal building control arrangements in place

Then, your project will need to transfer from your existing building control provider to BSR.

You will do this through the portal, which has been adapted to accommodate projects.

New guidance is on its way and we will circulate it as soon as it becomes available.

For more guidance and to register for our new online training visit www.thefis.org/knowledge-hub/technical/fire-protection/building-safety-act/