The Government has published a document listing amendments to Volumes 1 and 2 of Approved Document B which will come into effect in September 2026.

These amendments principally concern:

  • Threshold for the provision of a second staircase in blocks of flats with a storey 18m or more in height.
  • Evacuation shafts are introduced to support the provision of evacuation lifts.
  • Changes to provisions for fire doorsets.
  • New terminology including definitions for evacuation shaft, evacuation lift lobby, interlocked stair and storey exit.
  • Provisions for horizontal escape and vertical escape separated as per the structure of Volume 2.

The 2019 edition incorporating the 2020 and 2022 amendments will continue to apply where a building notice or an initial notice has been given to, or a building control approval application with full plans made to, the relevant authority before 30 September 2026 and either the building work to which it relates:

  1. has started and is sufficiently progressed before that day; or
  2. is started and is sufficiently progressed within the period of 18 months beginning on that day

You can view the amendments at the link below:

Fire safety: Approved Document B

FIS will publish further detailed guidance on these changes in the coming months.

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