Supported by FIS, the Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative (CQIC) in Scotland is conducting research into Contractor Design Portions (CDPs).  The use of CDP has grown over the years, and we know that its use can create challenges (this was a major issue raised in our work with the University of Reading last year).

This survey will give an insight into why and how it is used and how its use can be improved. The survey information will be analysed and will allow the development of guidance that will support the sector to use CDP in a manner that will contribute to the construction quality outcomes we are all striving for. 

The link to the survey is: CQIC – CDP Working Group

We would urge all those involved in the sector to take the time to contribute to this important piece of research which will bring benefits to us all – the deadline for the survey is 15 March 2024.  Please do forward this too, to any construction colleagues (the aim is to gather information from all parts of the supply chain and it is not limited to the finishes and interiors sector).  We have a real opportunity to use the data to make a difference, but the validity and power of the data will be dependent on the level of response.

If you have any questions about the survey, contact Iain McIlwee on