The FIS Wage Rate Survey H2 2023 conducted in January 2024 revealed that, across the trades, FIS members have continued to experience wage rate increases averaging around 4% in key trade occupations (the full index is available to contributors only.

The survey also explored some of the concerns that are currently being experienced related to risk dumping through the supply chain.

Commenting on the data FIS CEO Iain McIlwee stated:

“The numbers clearly shows that the supply chain continues to be hit by inflationary pressures.  Some of the contractual issues are also a worry, close to 60% of our specialist members are being asked to sign unfair contracts.  Encouragingly there is evidence here that the Responsible No is being exercised, but the numbers are still out of balance.  There is also evidence that design, programme and compliance risk are increased with over 70% stating that they routinely being asked to take more risk in terms of Design and close to 90% stating the same for programme.  These numbers are not surprising, but they are concerning, especially against the backdrop of rising cost and more limited insurance cover available“.

In 2024 FIS launched the Responsible No Campaign to help bring attention to the pressures that specialists are under and the indiscriminate risk dumping that is evident in parts of the supply chain.

IF you wish to participate in future wage rate surveys, please contact the FIS on and we will make sure you recieve appropriate updates.