The Building Safety (Regulator’s Charges) Regulations 2023 were laid before Parliament on 6 September 2023, to come into force on 1 October 2023. The Regulations can be found here.

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) Charging Scheme from 1 October 2023 has also been published. The publication details BSR’s charging scheme for chargeable functions, as defined in the Building Safety (Regulator’s Charges) Regulations 2023.

The Scheme explains:

  • the chargeable functions
  • the trigger for each chargeable activity
  • who is required to pay for the chargeable activity
  • what the amount payable will be made up of
  • the relevant legislation for that activity

This information is supplemented by annexes that explain how charges are calculated, how payments and repayments are processed, and the queries and disputes process.

The charging scheme was published on 21 September and can be found here.