In March 2023, RICS consultated on the revision of the RICS professional statement on whole life carbon. The deadline for the submission of comments was 18 April and FIS provided some feedback on the document on behalf of its members. The feedback was mainly focused around the need to provide further clarifications on technical aspects of the document, but also included a slight revision to the definition of fit-out projects. The feedback also included the request to amend the study period for a fit-out project and to clearly define the scope of the project as fit out projects – in line with the document that FIS published for its members in 2022 – here:

The aim of the document is to provide a methodology to calculate the whole life carbon impact of buildings, projects and infrastructure. It is part of a wide range of industry initiatives around the need to measure the carbon emissions associated with not just the operation of buildings, but also the impact of their construction – related to the manufacturing, transport, installation and end of life of products.

The revised document includes more specific information related to a fit-out project, which makes it more relevant to FIS members.