The Competition and Markets Authority announced that they have launched a market study focused on housebuilding in England, Scotland and Wales. Alongside this, they have also launched a separate project on consumer rights in rented homes. The CMA’s market study into housebuilding will focus on four areas: Housing qualities, land management, local authority oversight, and innovation.

The CMA’s consumer enforcement work in housing will focus on: the end-to-end experience from a tenant’s perspective and identifying the consumer protection issues that may arise. The full announcement with further details can be found here.

FIS Members will note that all meetings start with a clear statement:

Members are reminded they agree to conform to FIS policy to comply with the Competition Act 1998.  The meeting is convened and held in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of FIS and the regulations made by the Association. The Association has in place procedures to ensure compliance with all relevant competition laws and the meeting is subject to those procedures.

New guidance was published for all members through BuildUK in 2022 to help support compliance through your business.

You can download the latest guidance on complying with UK Competition Law here