FIS has launched a revised Client Guide to Office Fit-Out and Refurbishment to promote best practice in the fit-out process and to take account of new working practices post-pandemic, the Building Safety Act and advances in sustainability.

First published in 2017, this updated guide is aimed at clients, contractors and architects involved in fit-out projects in a changing world. For clients, creating or adapting an office fit-out that can suit businesses in an environment where hybrid working has become the norm can prove daunting.  The publication will guide them through the process from the initial decision as to whether to refurbiush an existing office or relocate and fit-out new premises, through to post-occupancy evaluation. It explains step-by-step the process, along with outlining the professional help available to help ensure a successful outcome.

The revised guide reflects the driving forces behind changes to office space design. In the first instance, it considers the responsibilities of a client and other implications of the Building Safety Act such as the interaction with ‘higher risk buildings’ (as defined in the legislation), and how to consider the impact in the early stages of planning a fit-out.  It also reflects the evolution and rapid maturation of best practices and methods of measurement relating to sustainability.

Furthermore, the guide will take account of the digitisation of construction information combined with the increasing adoption of video conferencing technology and other post pandemic implications to ways of working that can mean significant changes to the way offices are designed.

Commenting on the launch of the this updated guide, FIS CEO Iain McIlwee said:

“The guide to office fit-out and refurbishment was developed in 2017 by FIS but since then we have seen many changes in the market including the passing of the Building Safety Act which places new emphasis on safety and digitisation of construction data to fulfil the golden thread of information.

“The updated and revised guide will consider these significant changes whilst at the same time assist clients with the task of fitting out or refurbishing their offices and to promote best practice in the fit-out process.”

The guide is freely available from the FIS website at