With his 4 E’s and a Growth Agenda, there was some welcome news in the Budget, not least that the UK is unlikely to enter recession this year. It is also great to finally see key trades in our sector, such as Plastering, Drylining and Carpentry and Joinery finally getting recognised as Shortage Occupations (we have been round the houses on this for the best part of three years now!). The support for investment, ongoing energy support and fuel duty announcements are also welcome, but the hard landing of Help to Buy is, perhaps, a little short sighted as it will almost certainly keep the brakes on for much needed building of homes. It will be interesting to see how much activity the investment zones generate and support investment in property across the UK.

As ever, Prof Noble Francis of the CPA has done an amazing job in summarising the key points for FIS Members. Members can access this here.