FIS has today launched two new expert guides; a Pre-construction Guide for Drylining and a Construction Site Guide for Drylining. They are an invaluable resource for the industry and aim to reduce risk, ensure compliance and guarantee that projects are delivered on time, and to budget. 

The guides have been produced off the back of concerning results gathered from an FIS Survey into Challenges in the Drylining sector. The survey found that amongst its member base, 97% of organisations had been asked to commence construction without having sufficient information to accurately detail the installation of the work.  Wider discussions had resulted in a number of concerns being raised linked to a lack of standardisation in design detailing required.  To start to address this, the FIS Drylining Working Group, which is comprised of manufacturers, designers and contractors working in the drylining sector, produced the guides to continue the provision of information and guidance to the point of installation.

The Pre-construction Guide for Drylining has been pulled together from decades of experience and focuses on the lead-up to commencing installation works. It highlights how to check bids and tenders for compliance, understand time requirements and site conditions, and ensure the design information is sufficient and fit for purpose.

The Site Guide for Drylining provides expert knowledge on preparatory work, sequencing, the checking of design information, how to recognise common issues and address them, and also how to perform quality checks to ensure building compliance.

Commenting on the guides, Iain McIlwee, FIS Chief Executive said:

“Drylining systems form firewalls, fire escape routes and provide passive internal fire protection so it is incredibly important to get it right at all stages of installation and this has to start far earlier and long before boots hit the ground. Our new guides allow professionals to reduce risks, support compliance and most importantly of all encourage responsible planning.”

The guide sits alongside other FIS best practice guides that relate to drylining:

The guides utilise the information, knowledge and good practice employed by its members and deliver a valuable resource for improving works package delivery, enhancing quality and aiding projects to be finished on time, safely and within budget.

FIS members can download both the Pre-construction Guide for Drylining and the Site Guide for Drylining at