To mark World Quality Week, at the FIS North West Regional Conference in Manchester today, FIS relaunched the FIS PPP Risk Register, a key tool in the FIS Product Process People (PPP) Quality framework.

The FIS PPP Risk Register gives people a structured framework to interrogate project risk based on a assessment of severity and probability of a risk occurring.  The standard scoring system helps members to identify any unacceptable high risks and ensure management strategies are put in place to address.  The tool also helps a management team to assign risk correctly and contains a range of links to additional tools and information that will help support specific risk management.

FIS CEO Iain McIlwee said: “A large part of our work centres on interrogating and helping members to manage day to day problems they may encounter, risks.  This is a moving and evolving space.  Our tool helps us to ensure that we are learning lessons and that members are alert to where problems may appear,

Risk is unescapable in any construction project, but at times we can feel so beset by risk that we become indifferent to it.  It is vital that as an industry we get better at measuring, managing and mitigating. This simple tool is built on the premise that if you can’t measure it or didn’t think about it, you can’t manage it. It aims to help people to score risks.  The underlying principle is that  is that we can all learn from our own mistakes, but it is better learn together and avoid learning the hard way wherever possible.”

The FIS PPP Risk Register is available for members to download here

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