With the heatwave this week resulting in record temperatures melting runways and sending the train network into chaos, we were confronted with the stark fact that, at times, we are expected to work in atypical temperatures and we need to consider the full implications of this and what it means, not just to the way we work, but the materials we work with.

FIS reminds all members to check material data sheets for guidance around continuous working temperatures.

To protect members and support contractual issues that may arise, FIS has developed a factsheet focussed particularly on the performance of plasters and compounds in hot conditions and how this can affect the finish and performance of plaster specifically over 25oC.

The factsheet FIS knowledge Materials Performance of plasters and compounds in extreme heat can be downloaded by FIS Members here

The HSE provides a wealth of information to support businesses having to manage hot weather working, this is all linked from our H&S Toolkit here.