Net Zero is rapidly becoming a high priority and therefore the FIS Sustainability Group has put together a series of papers to help FIS members understand more about the net zero agenda and its relevance to the finishes and interior sector. These papers provide members with an overview of:

  • How to measure the whole life carbon impacts of products and projects using a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach
  • What net zero means at project and organisational levels and approaches to measuring the carbon footprint of an organisation
  • An action plan for the sector to start getting a better understanding of the performances of FIS members

These papers provide an overview of the most commonly used jargon in relation to the topic, how to measure, what the drivers are and references to other relevant information.

They are freely available to FIS members at

24 June - Net Zero - measuring your carbon footprint

The UK Government has committed the UK to be net zero by 2050. In this session, we will discuss what this means for the finishes and interior sector, both at organisation and activity level (product and project).

An FIS member will share their experience of measuring their organisational carbon footprint. Following the short presentation, this session will provide an opportunity to understand more about the papers that have been published by FIS and ask questions/share any concerns or issues.