To encourage active collaboration, inclusivity and support the delivery of a more diverse workforce, FIS is delighted to announce its collaboration with Women into Construction (WiC).

With less than 15% of the UK construction workforce represented by women – a figure that reduces to 1% for trade roles – this collaboration seeks to address the industry’s appalling record of attracting and employing women. It will challenge the sector to overcome barriers and improve the experience and strengthen the support network for women joining the finishes and interiors sector workforce.

The partnership will see FIS and WiC work to maintain regular communication on a wide range of industry issues which affect their respective memberships and look for opportunities to work on collaborative activities that complement and support their organisations.

FIS President and Operations Director at Tapper Interiors, Helen Tapper stated:

“It is encouraging to see FIS working more openly on diversity in our workforce. It is critical that we increase our appeal and overcome behaviours that have caused people to look past construction. Beyond the moral imperative, the labour and skills shortage is, without doubt, the most acute we have known. It would be nonsensical not to look at what we do to adapt and improve our recruitment processes and behavours to appeal to the widest possible group of people.”

Kath Moore, MBE – Managing Director Women into Construction says:

“We are delighted to collaborate with FIS to support increased diversity in the finishing and interiors sector.  By raising awareness and opening up opportunities for women to find out about the wide range of roles available, we aim to challenge perceptions and encourage companies to look beyond traditional sources of labour to meet their skills needs.  We look forward to our partnership with FIS to change the face of construction.”

Supporting women wishing to work in the construction industry, Women into Construction works with housebuilders and contractors to recruit highly motivated, trained women, helping to reduce skills gaps and create a more gender-equal workforce.

To find out more about Women into Construction, visit its website