FIS has today launched its Specifiers’ Guide to Drylining to help specification writers fully understand the criteria when writing a specification for drylining, including partitions, wall linings and shaft wall systems.

The Specifiers’ Guide – Drylining was produced by the FIS Drylining Working Group which comprises representation from manufacturers, designers and contractors working in the drylining sector. Pulling together decades of experience, this guide is the third in the series of guides and is designed to help specifiers and designers understand the questions that should be addressed before the specification can be produced and then how the specification should be structured, and which standards referenced.

Commenting on the guide, Iain McIlwee, Chief Executive of FIS said:

“Specifying drylining seems, on the face of it, simple enough: consider the look, performance and cost, and there it is. If only it were that simple there would not be cases where evidence of fire compartmentation could fail or fail to perform because the issue wasn’t apparent during the specification process.”

The guide includes top tips when specifying drylining, as well as reference material to regulations for safety, fire performance and standards.

“A well written specification not only ensures the installation meets the client’s requirements, but it also means the specifier’s requirements are less open to interpretation, which is key for the whole supply chain if they are going to deliver the quality and detail first time, on time,” added Iain McIlwee.

The guide sits alongside other FIS best practice guides that relate to drylining:

Installation of Drylining

Site Guide:Drylining

These guides work well when they are included in proposals and project plans to demonstrate how to best approach a project. They are also good differentiators when someone is in competition with non-members, and are an excellent introduction to new members of the team and any trainees and apprentices.

FIS plans to have CPD material to accompany the guide later in the year.

Specifiers Guide to Drylining