Mitchell will step down as co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council in Spring 2022.

Andy Mitchell, who co-chairs the CLC alongside the Minister for Business and Industry Lee Rowley MP, was appointed in October 2018 and has since guided the sector through the considerable challenges of Covid-19 while establishing the CLC as a powerful and recognised driver of change for the sector.

With this increased presence, the CLC continues to deliver positive change with priorities in 2022 including Construct Zero, Building Safety, meeting the Skills Challenge, and implementing the Construction Playbook.

The CLC is now seeking nominations for Andy Mitchell’s successor, which will include working directly with Government, chairing a range of its industry-wide meetings, alongside acting as a spokesperson for the CLC.

Announcing his decision to step down Mr Mitchell said:

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together in the last 3 years, and it is clear that not only did we play a major role in leading the industry through the pandemic but in the process we have managed to get a unity and coherence in the industry not seen before – and we are now with credibility and confidence laying out plans for the industry’s development in the future. With a little over 18 months to go before we start commissioning on Tideway, it is right that I now dedicate my full focus to the project, but I wish the CLC the very best for the future.”

FIS Chief Executive Iain McIlwee said:

“I would like to extend, on behalf of all the FIS Community, our gratitude to Andy for the sterling work he has done and the time he has given, notably during the pandemic when we started to see the CLC in a whole new light.  Andy embodied good leadership, approachable, committed, open and dynamic and his contribution to helping our sector through one of its most challenging periods is a testament to this and will not be forgotten.”

CLC Co-chair Lee Rowley MPadded:

“On behalf of the CLC and the Government I want to express our thanks to Andy for the extraordinary commitment that he has provided to the CLC for the past three years. His leadership of the Council through one of the toughest challenges that the industry has faced has been exemplary and has set UK construction on a positive course for the future”

About the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)
The CLC’s mission is to provide sector leadership to the construction industry. The expanded CLC has twelve workstreams that operate collaboratively to address the biggest issues facing the sector. Workstreams include skills and inclusion, building safety, Net Zero and business models. The CLC is co-chaired by Lee Rowley MP, Minister for Business and Industry, and Andy Mitchell CBE, CEO of Thames Tideway.

The CLC was created in 2013 to work between industry and government to identify and deliver actions supporting UK construction in building greater efficiency, skills and growth. The CLC is Co-chaired by the Minister for Business and Industry (Lee Rowley MP) and an Industry representative (this role), who provides the overall leadership and co-ordination of the CLC. The Co-chair is appointed by the Industry and BEIS.

The primary function of the Co-Chair is to provide leadership and strategic direction to the Council, facilitate the operations and deliberations of the Council and lead the Council’s functions and responsibilities under its mandate. The role will require the candidate to have an excellent understanding of the industry and its challenges and be able to represent the industry as a whole from large to SME, design to aftercare, including specific issues such as Building Safety. They must be a champion for industry change and promote inclusion, diversity and improving the image of industry, as well as understand future trends and requirements to address industry change, i.e. sustainability, innovation, productivity and skills.

The job description is available here with details of the selection timetable. The selection process will be led by members of the CLC’s Steering Co-Ordination Group. Expressions of Interest should be emailed to

Deadline for applications: Thursday 31 March

Interviews: Mid/late April

Appointment: By end of April