Building Standards Division (BSD), is developing a national Compliance Plan approach to provide greater assurance that compliance with building regulations is achieved from design to completion.

This consultation seeks to obtain the views on the development of a new Compliance Plan Manager role within the building standards system which will apply to specific High Risk Building (HRB) types, the definition of these HRBs and the level of fines where work is not carried out in accordance with the regulations.

This consultation forms part of the work undertaken by the Compliance Plan Working Group, which is one of seven work streams, being directed by the Building Standards Futures Board.  The consultation will gather opinions from stakeholders on a review of the building standards system relating to the way in which compliance with the building regulations is assured and enforced to help ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in and around Scotland’s buildings and to further the conservation of fuel and power and further the achievement of sustainable development.

The consultation covers four main areas, as follows:

    • Creation of a new Compliance Plan Manager (CPM) oversight role on High Risk Building types on behalf of the Relevant Person (normally the owner or developer);
    • The definition of High Risk Buildings requiring a CPM;
    • Fines and penalties; and
    • Impact assessments.

The proposed changes outlined in the consultation aim to:

Require applicants (building owners and developers) to evidence and document how compliance with the building regulations has been approached from a ‘pre-application meeting’ (initial) stage through to completion of the building project.  The intention is to strengthen compliance across all building types with the new Compliance Plan approach and also to introduce a requirement for independent professional oversight – a Compliance Plan Manager – on high risk buildings to manage the compliance process from start to finish.  Initial considerations have concentrated on application to High Risk Buildings (high rise residential, high public value – schools, healthcare facilities) and also housing sites.  But this may be extended, in the future, to apply to a wider range of buildings types if there is evidence to support this.  The consultation also seeks views on the definition of buildings classed as ‘High Risk Building Types’ (HRBs).

You can read the consultation paper here.

Members are encouraged to read the consultation and feed back their comments to FIS Technical Director Joe Cilia via email