Gov.UK have published the following updates of draft regulation concerning the Building Safety Bill which is currently going through Parliament. These are:

The Construction Products Regulations 2022

  • These regulate the safety of construction products being placed on the UK market.
  • Part 2 sets out a general safety requirement which all construction products must meet
  • Part 3 sets out provisions with respect to safety-critical products, how safety-critical standards may be developed and by whom (BSI) as well as giving the obligations for economic operators
  • Part 4 requires economic operators not to make false or misleading claims about construction products
  • Part 5 covers enforcement
  • Part 6 makes clear that nothing in the regulation will prevent lawfully CE marked construction products from being placed on the NI market
  • Part 7 extends to GB only and makes provision for qualifying NI goods to be placed on the GB market.

The Higher-Risk Buildings (Prescribed Principles for Management of Building Safety Risks) Regulations 2022
These regulations set out the principles an accountable person must follow in taking all reasonable steps to prevent a building safety risk materialising or reducing the severity of any incident resulting from  a risk materialising.

Other updates can be found in the following documents:

  • The Higher-Risk Buildings (Descriptions and Supplementary Provisions) Regulations 2021
  • The Buildings (Appointment of Persons, Industry Competence and Duty holders) (England) Regulations 2021
  • The Building (Higher-Risk Buildings) (England) Regulations 2022
  • The Building (Restricted Activities and Functions)(Engalnd0 Regulations 2022

All these documents are available here.

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